Clubhouse Malvern


It’s always a delightful treat when you get to have a long brunch during the week and that was just the case last week when I visited Clubhouse in Malvern. The enclosed courtyard was the perfect setting for a long catch up over delicious food and smoothies. The menu has Middle Eastern influences with a few South East Asian dishes like their salmon sashimi flora bowl.

Salmon sashimi flora bowl – avocado, pickled ginger, pickled red cabbage, edamame, pineapple kimchi, wasabi peas, soy, carrot, sriracha mayo, black sesame and brown rice

My friend practically licked the bowl clean. This dish is the epitome of mid summer long lunch with it’s vibrant colours, fresh ingredients and tangy pickled vegetables.

Slow cooked lamb salad with kale and pomegranate and a side of avocado

This mouth watering lamb salad had all the right elements. Usually the lamb to salad ratio is off whenever I order a lamb salad but this was spot on. The lamb was juicy, tender and full of spiced flavour, the sweet pomegranates compliment the tangy creaminess of the salad and pistachios add a lovely nutty texture. I added avocado for a dose of good fats, which made the salad even creamier and more filling.

Clubhouse Malvern are also known for their cocktails and although it was too early for an alcoholic beverage, the peanut butter and banana smoothie hit the spot.

Peanut butter & banana smoothie – banana, peanut butter, cacao, honey and almond milk
Clubhouse Malvern
1290 Malvern Road

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
7am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday
7:30am - 4pm

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