Smokin’ Barrys

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Much loved and popular food truck Smokin’ Barrys Slow Cooked Barbeque has set down roots in South Melbourne. The team has been slow cooking and smoking tender brisket and pulled pork for ten years, driving the truck from festivals to events, feeding the masses with their flavoursome combinations.

Whilst the food truck and their catering side is still thriving, they now have a place to call home that’s not going anywhere. The menu is much the same as the food truck so their loyal following can still get their favourites and they have a courtyard which will make beers* and burgers that much more enjoyable, especially during the summer.

*Smokin' Barrys will be serving alcohol soon.
Triple B Burger – Beef patty, smoked beef brisket, crispy bacon, deep fried onions, iceberg lettuce, BBQ sauce, Barry’s burger sauce, smoked aioli, toasted milk bun.

I usually get the classic cheeseburger when trying out a new place, it’s the benchmark for how good their other burgers are. At Smokin’ Barrys though, the addition of their smoked brisket in the Triple B burger made my mouth water and sounded too good to pass up. I know it sounds like a lot to put in a burger but everything worked so wonderfully well together. The deep fried onions gave it an unexpected crunch, the lettuce made it fresh, the bacon was crispy but not overwhelming and when you get a piece of fatty slow cooked, smoky brisket, that’s when you realise you’ve made the right decision and life is good. You can also add the the brisket to any of their other burgers, the classic cheeseburger, bacon and blue and crispy chicken burger.

Barry’s Pulled Pork Roll with the lot – The DrewBarrymore
Pulled pork with creamy house slaw, homemade bbq sauce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeƱos, ranch and bacon

The slow cooked bbq meat rolls are what these guys are known for, you can also get beef brisket in these rolls and with a variety of fillings. Being in an office dense area, these rolls make the perfect lunch toasted or fresh.

Daily salad – Roasted courgette, capsicum and eggplant, heritage greens, fresh mint and basil, crispy fried chicken

Their salads change daily and you can add on beef brisket, pulled pork, crispy fried chicken thigh and deli meats. Of course I had to try their fried chicken thigh and it didn’t disappoint. It was more like a schnitzel with the panko crumbs but it was juicy, well seasoned and crunch meter was through the roof.

Smokin' Barrys
153 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
7am - 3pm

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