Sun Kitchen Melbourne


Sunset dining, exquisite Cantonese and Sichuan food, and a wine cellar boasting auspiciously 888 bottles of fine wine are the latest offerings at The Point in Albert Park. What has risen on this picturesque part of Melbourne is The Sun Kitchen.

I was invited to experience Sun Kitchen, and an experience it was in every sense of the word. From the moment we started the sunset tour right through to the live sugar art demonstration, everything in between was designed to delight our senses.

This is Cantonese and Sichuan fine dining, which means white linen table cloths, impeccably dressed and well mannered waiters and even your pick of dining rooms, you have two floors to chose from, one perfect for an intimate dinner and uninterrupted views, and another for larger groups. Sun Kitchen ballroom is also available for special occasions.

Our tour takes us to the wine cellar that holds 888 bottles of fine wine including one that is precisely $25,000, but if that’s not extravagant enough, they also hold a rare vintage whiskey valued at $40,000 a bottle. Yes, I drink whiskey and no unfortunately I was not a special occasion.

We were treated to a 10 course banquet dinner starting with two cold dishes, braised beef tendon with green chilli sauce and hot and sour mung bean noodles. Both dishes were designed to awaken our palettes. The beef tendon was soft in texture, the green chilli sauce providing a slight kick. The mung bean noodles were delightfully slippery and left you wanting more with a mouthwatering sour sauce. The first hot dish was the crispy golden tofu, perfectly crisp on the outside with silky tofu on the inside. I could’ve sat in front of my tv with a whole bowl of these and devoured them with no shame.

To cleanse our palate, our next course was a double boiled chicken with Chinese yam soup that took me back to when I was sick as a child and my mum would lovingly prepare this for me and tell me it would make me feel better. Great memories, not sure how legitimate that was as a cure though.

The golden prawns with coconut ginger sauce was a new one, I’d never had anything like this before and it felt more South East Asian to me but perhaps only because coconut milk isn’t widely used in Cantonese or Sichuan cuisines unless it’s in a dessert. None the less, the prawns were battered and deep fried and coated in a thick sweet, creamy, ginger sauce. The result was a few uncomfortable gestures for the last piece if prawn with one chuffed winner.

Their signature dish is a sizzling fish fillet in hot chilli oil that comes in a small cauldron still bubbling away. This may look intimidating but this dish that takes minutes to make contains delicate fish fillets that simply melt on the tongue. This is a must order.

Speaking of must-order dishes, the Wagyu beef (MS 9+) stir fried with black truffle and garlic is a dish I can still taste and crave almost every other week. The beef is tender and the first bite is all umami from the black truffle sauce. My favourite dish of the night.

If you like your pork fatty and rich, then Mao’s Donting-style braised pork belly will satisfy. You can’t have Cantonese food without rice, their XO seafood fried rice is the everything you’d expect, juicy seafood with plump prawns, a generous sprinkle of char sui (Chinese BBQ pork), perfectly cooked rice, finished off with their house-made XO sauce.

We finished off our enchanted night with a traditional mask changing dance and clever sugar art. Sun Kitchen is off to a rising start securing their place in Melbourne’s fine dining scene. Now, anyone feel like treating me to a glass from that rare whiskey?

Sun Kitchen
9 Aquatic Drive
Albert Park VIC

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday
11:30am - 3pm
5:30pm - 10pm

Friday - Saturday
11:30am - 3pm
5:30pm - 11pm

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sun Kitchen. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.