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Barbetta - the Hidden Gem of Paddington's Dining Scene

Tucked away on a side street off Oxford Street in Sydney is the hidden gem of Paddington's dining scene. This Southern Italian eatery has captured the hearts and palates of locals and food enthusiasts alike since its establishment in 2018.

Owned by a passionate family with a deep love for food, Barbetta exudes an infectious enthusiasm for their craft. Stepping through the front door, guests are warmly greeted and led to their tables, often bathed in natural light streaming through the windows. The rustic and simple decor includes a dedicated area for pasta-making classes.

The menu at Barbetta is a testament to their commitment to fresh and seasonal ingredients. Offering breakfast and dinner menus in addition to their renowned lunch options, there's something to satisfy any craving. Sharing dishes is highly recommended to sample a variety of flavours, and each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Shredded cabbage with pancetta, raisins, shaved pecorino on a white plate with black rim
Insalata Barbetta

Starting with the Insalata Barbetta, a delightful medley of savoy cabbage, pine nuts, raisins, pecorino, and crispy pancetta in a tangy lemon dressing, the interplay of textures and flavours is exceptional. Even those skeptical of raisins in savoury dishes will be pleasantly surprised.

Large pasta shells stuffed and baked in red naopli sauce in a black pan
The Conchiglioni Ripieni

No visit to Barbetta would be complete without indulging in their handmade pasta. The Conchiglioni Ripieni, baked pasta shells generously filled with roasted eggplant, ricotta, basil, and smoked mozzarella in a flavourful napoletana sauce, is an absolute revelation. The combination of smoky and creamy eggplant with the rich cheese mixture is nothing short of sensational.

Bowl of pasta in red sauce topped with green leaves
Linguine Granchio Alla Vodka

Another standout pasta dish is the Linguine Granchio Alla Vodka. House-made chilli linguine is perfectly cooked and tossed with fresh crabmeat, vodka, cream, and shallots. This unique twist on the popular Alla Vodka trend showcases the kitchen's creativity and expertise. The result is a dish that harmoniously blends the delicate sweetness of crabmeat with a silky sauce tinged with a gentle hint of chilli.

Though the lunch may have been light in portion size, the quality of each dish at Barbetta more than makes up for it. This is a place where quality reigns supreme, and every bite leaves a lasting impression. Whether you're a local seeking a neighbourhood gem or a food lover in search of authentic Italian cuisine, Barbetta Restaurant in Sydney promises an experience that celebrates the beauty of simplicity, the art of homemade pasta, and the warm embrace of a welcoming Italian family.


Barbetta Restaurant is open:

Monday to Wednesday: 7am - 4pm

Thursday & Friday: 7am - 4pm, 5.30pm - 10pm

Saturday: 7:30am - 4pm, 5.30pm - 10pm

Sunday: 8am - 4pm

For lunch and dinner reservations or pasta making classes visit their website.




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