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Mumu Restaurant Sydney: Where South East Asian Food Meets Party Vibes

Welcome to the vibrant world of Mumu Restaurant, a gem nestled in the heart of Sydney's bustling George Street.

As part of the renowned Merivale hospitality conglomerate, Mumu stands out with its bold flavours, genius menu, and retro ambiance that exudes sheer fun.

Led by the talented Chef Dan Hong, this South East Asian street food haven promises an unforgettable dining experience that combines mouthwatering dishes and an electric atmosphere. Let's dive into the culinary journey that awaits at Mumu Restaurant!

The corner of a menu showing logo and description of Mumu Restaurant in Sydney
Mumu Menu

Part of the Merivale empire, Mumu Restaurant lives up to its reputation of being an elusive dining destination. Merivale is known for their exceptional restaurants that are usually fully booked; it's no wonder Mumu is a coveted spot.

But what sets it apart? It's the incredible blend of South East Asian street food and the sheer genius behind each dish. Chef Dan Hong brings a plethora of bold flavours to the table, crafting a menu that delights with nostalgia and excites with bold twists.

From the moment you step foot into Mumu, you're greeted with an explosion of colour and energy. The enormous neon sign emblazoned on the wall that proudly states "MUMU 4U" sets the stage for the festivities that await. The retro ambiance, complete with vibrant orange tables and walls, instantly transports you to a bygone era of excitement and revelry. With the music pumping in the background, it feels as if you've stumbled upon the most exclusive party in town, where the catering is simply out of this world and a queue outside to prove it.

Two grilled abalones in their shell topped with green onions on a silver plate against orange background
Grilled Abalone with chilli, garlic, coriander, fish sauce, brown butter and vermicelli

As with any street food experience, Mumu encourages you to embrace the spirit of sharing and explore a variety of dishes. Our culinary adventure began with the Grilled Black Baby Lip Abalone, adorned with chili, garlic, coriander, fish sauce, and brown butter, all topped with fresh chives. These delicacies were worth every penny, offering tender abalone bursting with an explosion of flavours that will leave you raving for weeks. Trust me, this dish is an absolute must-try.

A single large deep-fried spring roll on leaf served on a silver plate with chilli mayo sauce
Seafood Spring Roll (specials menu)

Mumu's daily specials menu that night presented us with a deep-fried seafood spring roll accompanied by a fiery chilli mayo dipping sauce. This dish, while not on the regular menu, was a standout; we found ourselves persuading neighbouring diners to order it because we aren't gate-keeping good food.

Red chopsticks holding a crispy fried eggplant over plate of eggplant and green herbs
Crispy Eggplant, Black Vinegar

Prepare to be amazed by Mumu's Crispy Eggplant, coated in black vinegar. A creamy interior, crispy coating, and tangy black vinegar twist, this dish is a harmonious blend of textures and flavours that will keep you coming back for more. A classic Chinese dish done exceptionally well.

Lamb cutlet meat with charred marks over silver plate
Angie Hong's Marinated, Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Fermented Chilli Relish

To further elevate our culinary journey, we couldn't resist trying Angie Hong's marinated and grilled Lamb Cutlets. Served with fermented chilli relish and lime, these tender and succulent lamb cutlets exude a smokiness that envelops your senses. Don't hold back - get your hands dirty and relish every morsel. If that bone isn't squeaky clean by the end, you're missing out on the true essence of this dish.

Mumu Restaurant in Sydney is a true culinary gem that captures the essence of South East Asian street food and infuses it with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. A dining experience that combines exceptional flavours, lively vibes, and a touch of exclusivity; make sure to secure your spot at Mumu Restaurant.

Mumu Restaurant is open from 12pm everyday, Monday - Wednesday open late, Thursday - Saturday they're open til 2am for anyone who's looking for a late late feed and they shut at a reasonable 10pm on God's rest day (Sunday). For more information visit there website.




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